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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Woman molests man inside elevator

An Arab woman allegedly molested an Indian man and snatched his wallet in an elevator in Bur Dubai in December, the Dubai Criminal court heard on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old unemployed woman denied charges and requested the court to check surveillance cameras, reported Emarat Al Youm.

However, according to police records, the 23-year-old man who was heading to one of the offices on the 4th floor in the building took the lift when he spotted the fully-dressed suspect inside.

Once the lift doors closed, she allegedly uncovered her face and greeted him in Arabic. She then hugged him and touched him inappropriately. “I tried pushing her away and when the lift stopped on the 4th floor, I got out. But she grabbed me back in and pressed the 7th floor button,” the man was quoted in records.

The woman reportedly continued the inappropriate act until the lift reached the 7th floor, when the man clicked the 4th floor button again and finally escaped.

However, it was only after he stepped out of the lift that he realised that his wallet, comprising Dh4,500,  was missing from his back pocket.

According to Al Riffa Police Station records, the woman has attacked another man similarly in the past.

Court is adjourned until March 8, when it will hear the victim’s testimony

Sharjah sets minimum salary at Dh11,000

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has issued instructions to the Human Resources Department of Sharjah government to raise the minimum monthly salary of Emiratis employed by Sharjah government to Dh11,000.

According to the decision, government employees in grades 8-14 will benefit from the new salary structure.

Dr Sheikh Sultan also instructed the raising of the minimum monthly salary of retirees to Dh11,000.

Nearly 600 households will benefit from this new increment.

His Highness said in a telephone interview with Sharjah radio that the aim is to raise the standard of living and ensure stable lives.

16 charging stations for hybrid and electric cars open in Dubai

  • ficial inauguration of the first Electric-Vehicle Charging Station at the DEWA Headquarters, Dubai.
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Dubai: Owners of hybrid and electric cars in Dubai, rejoice.
Sixteen charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) were officially launched in Dubai on Tuesday to allow motorists to charge their vehicles across the city for roughly Dh2 to Dh5 for long-distance driving.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) unveiled a solar-powered charging station at its headquarters on Tuesday.
Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Saeed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dewa, Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), were present during the launch along with other senior government officials.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

UAE salary guide 2015

Here’s a close look at the current range of monthly salaries for a number of positions in at least seven sectors in the GCC, as of December 2014:


Dh80,000 - Dh160,000
CFO (Medium sized company):
Dh65,000 - Dh80,000
Head of Finance/Finance Director (Medium sized company):
Dh45,000 - Dh65,000
Financial Controller:
Dh35,000 - Dh58,000
Internal Audit Department Head:
Dh23,000 - Dh55,000
Chief Accountant/Finance Manager:
Dh22,000 - Dh35,000
Senior/Regional Financial Analyst:
Dh20,000 - Dh33,000
Financial Analyst:
Dh15,000 - Dh24,000
Credit/Revenue Controller (Professional Services):
Dh16,000 - Dh25,000
Financial/Management Accountant:
Dh14,000 - Dh25,000
Internal Auditor (non-management position):
Dh12,000 -  Dh23,000
Accountant/Senior Accountant:
Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
Account Receivable/Payable:
Dh8,000 - Dh18,000





Senior Architect:
Dh29,000 - Dh45,000
Senior Interior Design:        
Dh22,000 - Dh30,000
Site Architect:
Dh17,000 - Dh25,000
Junior Architect:
Dh10,000 - Dh14,000
Interior Designer:
Dh9,500 - Dh16,000

C-Suite/Principal Level: Dh51,000 - Dh130,000

Senior Estimating Manager: Dh55,000 - Dh65,000

Commercial Manager: Dh45,000 - Dh68,000

Senior Contracts Manager: Dh40,000 - Dh55,000

Senior Project Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh65,000

HSSE Manager: Dh35,000 - Dh80,000

Senior Cost Manager: Dh37,000 - Dh42,000

Senior Quantity Surveyor: Dh28,000 - Dh46,500

Project Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh46,000

Contracts Manager: Dh24,000 - Dh40,000

Construction Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh48,000

Cost Manager: Dh17,000 - Dh35,000

Quantity Surveyor: Dh15,000 - Dh35,000
MEP: Dh27,000 - Dh55,000

Senior Electrical Engineer: Dh32,000 - Dh40,000

Senior Civil Engineer: Dh20,000 - Dh50,000

Planning Engineer: Dh12,500 - Dh55,000

Resident Engineer: Dh20,000 - Dh55,000

Project Engineer: Dh15,000 - Dh25,000

Quality Assurance Engineer: Dh17,000 - Dh20,000

Electrical Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
Senior Facilities Manager: Dh30,000 - Dh42,000

Facilities Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh28,000

Senior Development Manager: Dh50,000 - Dh65,000

Senior Commercial/Leasing Manager: Dh38,000 - Dh60,000

Commercial/Leasing Manager In-house: Dh24,000 - Dh30,000

MRICS Valuations Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh30,000
Property Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh40,000


HR Director (Group): Dh40,000 - Dh80,000

Senior HR Manager/Director: Dh35,000 - Dh49,000

C&B Manager: Dh22,000 - Dh37,000

Recruitment Manager: Dh21,000 - Dh50,000

HR Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh36,000

L&D Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh35,000

Talent Management: Dh25,000 - Dh40,000

HR Generalist: Dh15,000 - Dh20,000

Recruitment Specialist: Dh12,500 - Dh20,000

HR Advisor: Dh13,000 - Dh15,000

HR Officer/Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000

HR Admin Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000

Recruitment Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000


Head of IT/IT Director: Dh35,000 - Dh65,000

Information Security Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh45,000

Project Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh45,000

IT Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh45,000

Network Architect: Dh15,000 - Dh50,000

Technical Team Leader: Dh12,000 - Dh25,500

Business Analyst: Dh12,000 - Dh37,500

Systems Analyst: Dh12,500 - Dh22,000

System Administrator: Dh10,000 - Dh22,000

Software Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh20,000

Network Administrator: Dh10,000 - Dh19,000

Network Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000

IT Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000


CMO: Dh52,000 - Dh100,000

Marketing Director: Dh30,000 - Dh59,000

Marketing Manager: Dh21,000 - Dh38,000

Senior Account Manager: Dh22,000 - Dh27,000

Digital Marketing Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh30,000

Marketing Executive: Dh15,000 - Dh23,000

Social Media Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh20,000

Public Relations Executive: Dh13,000 - Dh20,000

Assistant Brand Manager: Dh12,000 - Dh15,500

Marketing Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh14,000

Account Manager: Dh9,000 - Dh12,000


General/Operations Manager: Dh30,000 - Dh50,000

Emirates is world's most valuable airline: Brand value @ Dh24.22bn

Dubai's Emirates airline has reached the top 200 of the world’s biggest brands for the first time, according to the 2015 Brand Finance Global 500 report.
For the fourth consecutive year, Emirates has steadily climbed the table of the Top 500 most valuable brands in the world. Now sitting at #196, an increase of 38 spots in just 12 months, the airline attributes its success to a strong commitment to product and service excellence, as well as investments in its brand.
Emirates’ estimated brand value has grown more than 21% from $5.48 billion (Dh20.11 billion) to $6.6 billion (Dh24.22 billion).
The airline also retains its long standing position as the most valuable brand in the Middle East, and the most valuable airline brand.