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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Central bank asks banks to block cards on suspicion of data theft

The Central Bank of the UAE on Tuesday asked a few banks operating in the country to block the usage of a significant number of debit cards on suspicion of potential data compromise.
From information available from the banking industry sources, the potential data compromise was limited to single automated teller machine (ATM) and all cards suspected of data compromise have been notified to be replaced by the issuing banks.
In response to Gulf News’ queries based on information received from customers, an Emirates NBD spokesperson confirmed that on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, the bank was directed by the Central Bank of the UAE to block the usage of 69 debit cards, which were at potential risk of fraudulent misuse as they were used on an ATM of another bank which was suspected of being compromised.
As a result, the identified customers were contacted by Emirates NBD and informed of the need to replace their cards.

Master plan for Dubai Expo 2020 on track

The next stage design and master planning for Dubai Expo 2020’s host venue, Dubai Trade Centre-Jebel Ali - a 438-hectare site that includes the dedicated gated 150-hectare Dubai Expo 2020 area and an additional surrounding residential, hospitality and logistics zone, is progressing well.

The work is being undertaken with Dubai Expo 2020 by a consortium made up of HOK and Arup, which continue their association with the project from the successful bid phase.

"Expos have been home to some of the world’s most landmark structures, from the Crystal Palace in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Dubai is committed to building on this tradition and making the entire site an experiential environment that fully embodies the essence of our theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", said Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State, Managing Director of the Dubai Expo 2020 Higher Preparatory Committee and Director General of Dubai Expo 2020 Office.

The team of lead architects and urban planners, HOK, with infrastructure experts and engineering partners, Arup, were selected because of their successful involvement with the master plan during the bid phase and their detailed knowledge of the project, as well as relevant expertise on other mega events internationally.

Facebook job scam targets UAE residents with Dh30k a month offer

Online job scams are not new and, this time, another one has gathered a lot of attention and is being circulated, using the branding of the very popular Facebook social networking site.

The post ( is targeting UAE residents with its scheme of making money, a good amount, that too from the comfort of your home.

The link titled ‘facebook news’ suggests that FB has now launched a ‘work from home program,’ allowing people to make money by from the comfort of their own homes.

“Facebook has now opened it’s [sic!] doors and will be hiring everyday people to work from the comfort of their own homes posting links, sharing stories, reviewing sites and more,” reads the post.

“The way this works is that people sign up to work with Facebook and other online companies. They will then receive a package which will contain all of the step by step instructions to get setup from home. You get directions immediately after signing up [sic!],” the note goes on.

Apple to unveil iWatch with iPhone6 on September 9

Apple will unveil an ‘iWatch’ in September with the maker of the iPhone finally embarking on its much-rumoured foray into wearable computing, technology news website Re/code said Wednesday.

The California tech giant is expected to merge style and innovation, along with sensors and computing power, in a wrist-worn device that links wirelessly to iPhones or iPads.

Apple is believed to be planning a September 9 event at which it will introduce the iWatch, along with new-generation iPhone 6 smartphones with increased screen sizes.
Pic: AP

The company has not sent out invitations to such an event, nor - as is standard Apple practice - has it commented on reports it will even take place.

Apple's next-generation iPhones are rumoured to have screen sizes stretched to 4.7 and 5.5 inches and have faster processors.

Apple typically updates its product cycle in the second half of the year, getting a lift from holiday sales.
Pic: Getty Images

Last year it unveiled the iPhone 5S and the lower-priced iPhone 5C in September, getting record sales at the launch.

Apple is tuning a new operating system which allows for mobile payments and includes a health platform, which could mesh nicely with an ‘iWatch’ for tracking activity, sleep, pulse and more.

The system iOS8 is expected to be in the new iPhones

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Drink enough water to avoid dehydration

Books and newspapers are full of instructions about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. But do we follow this simple instruction? Staying indoors in air-conditioned environments blocks the heat and perspiration.
So, how many of us really remember to reach out for that bottle of water and take a few sips every now and then? We don’t do this as many of us never really feel thirsty.
However, doctors say you must drink water periodically throughout the day even if your throat is not parched as human beings have more than 60 per cent water as an important constituent of body and it needs to be replaced when lost.
We do drink liquids, but mostly other beverages. Most people in the UAE reach out for their chilled bottle of soft drink or have tea and coffee instead of having plain, delicious water. An informal survey at work revealed that more people have green tea or a cola when they should have reached out for water.